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A Christmas Carol Book review

Hard Times Book review

Silas Marner Book review

History Buff

18th Century Linen Mitts – Research

18th Century Pockets Finished pockets with construction details

150th Chancellorsville May 2013 reenactment 

Civil War Photo Shoot With Emily Ann Putzke

Public Presentations A presentation I gave on mid 19th century women’s clothing

150th Battle of the Wilderness May 2014 reenactment

Braveheart: Part I Sewing a tunic for a Braveheart inspired outfit

Braveheart: Part II The making of a Braveheart inspired kilt

150th Appomattox April 2015 reenactment of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Appomattox and surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia

Angelica Civil War Reenactment September, 2015 reenactment in Angelica, NY

The Bible Poem An historically inspired poem I wrote about the Bible of a fallen soldier

The “Bess” Bonnet My new quilted winter bonnet

Life on the Farm

What I Learned This Summer Reflections on my summertime learning experiences 

Grape Jelly The making of grape preserves 

8 Months! Evie’s 8th month!

Welcome Back to the Farm Video featuring my family in our milk co-op’s new ad campaign 

Happy Birthday Evie! Evangelene’s 1st birthday 

An Old Fashioned Winter Winter 2013/2014

Summer Sunflowers Sunflower blogger award and Q&A

Crowning Glory Donating my hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths campaign 

I Met Dairy Carrie! Meeting the writer of

Fire on the Fourth! History of our farm’s fire on July 4th, 1980

Last Days of Summer Dinner Recipes for kabobs, roasted sweet corn, and cast iron skillet chocolate chip cookie


Tarnished Knights Poem

My Mother Will Never Mother’s Day 2013 Poem

Fall Wildfires Autumn leaves inspired poem

Now He Belongs to the Ages Poem in honor of Abraham Lincoln on the 150th anniversary of his death

Jurassic World Movie review

The Bible Poem An historically inspired poem I wrote about the Bible of a fallen soldier

Survivor Girl

How to Save Money on Backpacking Gear

Backpacking Adventure September 2014 backpacking trip to Minister Creek Trail in Allegheny National Forest

Valentine Flats April 2015 hike to Valentine Flats in Zoar Valley

Full Circle September 2015 backpacking overnight on the Finger Lakes Trail

Columbia Vixen 22 Pack Review

Should I Use Trekking Poles? 6 reasons to give them a try.

The Critters

World Dairy Expo Our trip to the 2013 World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin 

Winter on the Farm

Caring for Cows in the Winter

Hello, My Name Is… How we name cows on our farm