Welcome Back to the Farm

Upstate Niagara logo


Our farm is a member of Upstate Niagara, a cooperative of 360 local Western New York dairy farmers. Our co-op makes many different products including fluid milk, cottage cheese, chip dip, butter, flavored milk beverages, sour cream, and yogurt.

Recently, Upstate Niagara decided to start a new advertising campaign. The campaign, called “Return to Values, Welcome Back to the Farm” is showcasing our member-owner farmers and seeking to tell consumers about how our products are produced. Our family was chosen to be interviewed for one of the videos. Check it out here!

Remember any time you purchase dairy products from the Upstate Farms, Intense Milk, or Bison labels you can know it comes from local farmers who care!

Brands produced by our co-op
Brands produced by our co-op


-The Farming Daughter

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