Winter on the Farm

Winter on the Farm (

Winter came early in November this year, and we’re still firmly in its icy grip. We have so much snow we’re running out of places to pile it! I am definitely thankful for my heavy duty insulated Carhartt overalls this year! The good news is, the cows are all snug in their barns and are handling the cold weather just fine.

Winter on the Farm (
Best Christmas present ever, thanks Mom! 🙂

I thought I’d share some of my favorite “winter on the farm” pictures I’ve taken so far.

First, some pics from Winter Storm Knife that hit us in mid November. We were very blessed not to get as much snow as other places, but we still spent a day shoveling off the barn roofs.

November Snow Storm - Winter on the Farm (
Winter Storm Knife starting
Shoveling Show - Winter on the Farm (
Shoveling snow off the roof
Shoveling on the Roof Winter on the Farm (
The view from the top

Only a week after the storm it was warm enough to let cows out to pasture!

After the Storm Winter on the Farm (


It can either be blizzard-ing and snowy:

Blizzarding Winter on the Farm (

Or, extremely cold and clear:

Cold and Clear Winter on the Farm (


I found these “snow feathers” on some of the driveway stakes and thought they were so delicate and pretty!

Snow Feathers Winter on the Farm (

The frost on the windows is also very beautiful.

Frost on the Windows Winter on the Farm (

Frost on the Windows (2) Winter on the Farm (


Winter Sunrise Winter on the Farm (
Winter Sunset Winter on the Farm (
-18 Winter on the Farm (
18 below!

Winter Snow Winter on the Farm (


Playing in the Snow
The boys coming back from sledding

January Snow Winter on the Farm (

Sunset Winter on the Farm (


I hope you are all keeping warm! Many of my friends have been asking about how our cows do during the winter, so I’ll be posting about that soon!


-The Farming Daughter

6 thoughts on “Winter on the Farm

  1. Ooooh such beautiful pictures!! I love the sunrise one and the frost on the windows! Can’t wait to see you soon!!! =)

  2. Hi Michaela, We just love seeing these photo’s Uncle Pooge and I are chuckling as your inside weather is colder than our outside. In sandal’s and picking flowers. But, as cold are you are, we are in a drought. I would enjoy all this lovely weather if I knew some rain was on the way. Can you send us some snow. Just enough to water our garden, not to have to buy your type of winter clothes.   I too can’t wait to hear how the cows stay warm. Unless the barn has heaters, and carpet, I don’t want to go.   Love hearing from you and —–stay warm.   How is Evie?   Love Aunt Carole and Uncle Pooge

    • Hello Aunt Carole & Uncle Pooge! That’s too funny about our indoor temp being less than your outdoor temp! I’m sorry you’re in the middle of a drought, I’d send you some snow if I could! Hopefully I’ll be able to do that post soon. Evie is doing fantastic! Thanks for asking 🙂 Love you both too!

      -The Farming Daughter

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