Crowning Glory

Today was the day. I went and got a hair cut for the first time in three years! I had been growing my hair out to donate it, and as you can imagine, not cutting your hair for 36 months means some pretty long tresses! This is actually the longest I’ve ever had my hair.

I’ve donated my hair twice before, both times to Locks of Love. This time I did some research about hair donation and decided to support a different organization. I wanted to insure that the hair I sent would be used responsibly, and I preferred an organization that didn’t charge its recipients. Pantene’s “Beautiful Lengths” campaign seemed like the perfect fit. Beautiful Lengths is a partnership between Pantene and the American Cancer Society to “graciously help women who have lost their hair to cancer treatments”. They turn the hair that is donated into real-hair wigs and provide them to cancer patients free of charge. I’ll be sending my foot long pony tail to them soon! 

Now for some pictures…

Hair - back view

Hair - front view


It will take some getting used to it being so “short”, but I’m really happy with how it turned out! And hopefully it won’t take 20 minutes to brush anymore! Have you ever donated your hair before?

If you’d like more information about donating to the Beautiful Lengths Campaign you can see the official website here.

-The Farming Daughter

8 thoughts on “Crowning Glory

  1. Hi there Michaela,
    no I never donated my hair (no one would want mine) but being a hairstylist I have had many many clients that have done that.
    It looks like you colored it also. Love it. How is Evy doing. Hope you come back and see us soon. Love and Hugs,
    “Aunt Carole and Uncle Pooge”

    • Hello Aunt Carole & Uncle Pooge!

      That’s great that you’ve been a part of others donating their hair! Even though the picture makes it look like I did, I didn’t color my hair. My hair has a reddish tinge and the lighting in that picture made it show up more. I have considered coloring it a more red shade, but if I did it wouldn’t meet the hair donation requirements…

      Evie is doing wonderful, thank you for asking! Yes, I hope I can come see you again too! You should come visit the farm sometime also!

      -The Farming Daughter

  2. Oh, Michaela! You look so beautiful! It’s a little strange seeing you with “short” hair, as I’m sure it feels a little strange for you, too; but, it looks great! And think about how much easier 1860’s hair styles will be now! 😉

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