Backpacking Adventure

Before I started reenacting my main passion/interest was wilderness survival. I would often try building shelters in the woods, making fires without matches, and identifying edible plants. I also loved to go backpacking with family friends. For about the past 3 years we haven’t been, so I was thrilled when Mr. Maybray invited me to go on a trip they were planning in September. This time my 13 year old brother Marcus came along too!

We hiked the Minister Creek Trail in Allegheny National Forest. The trail isn’t too long and the terrain is moderate, perfect for those of us who hadn’t been packing in a while and for the younger members of our group. The weather was perfect; neither too hot or too cold, without a drop of rain, and the fall leaves were starting to turn. We were only gone from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, but it was a lovely little foray to get my backpacking feet wet again.

Our group standing by the trailhead map (minus Mr. Jeff who was taking the picture).
Our group standing by the trailhead map (minus Mr. Jeff who was taking the picture).
Marcus and I before hitting the trail. Look how tall he is!
Marcus and I before hitting the trail. Look how tall he is!

The trail was dotted with huge rocks (some approaching the size of a house!), including a cave made of boulders and a giant rock ledge opening up to an overlook.

The rock cave.
The rock cave.
The trail climbing up to the overlook.
The overlook
The view from the overlook


Taking a break at the overlook.
Taking a break at the overlook.

The second night we set up near the creek. The water gurgling over the rocks was very soothing when I went to sleep.


My new tent worked great!
My new tent worked great!


Mr. Jeff taught me a new way of hanging a bear bag, the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) Method. It works great, and will definitely be my go to method from now on! (Click here to learn how to do it.)

I was rather proud of my bear bag hanging skills...what can I say, I'm easily amused :)
I was rather proud of my bear bag hanging skills…what can I say, I’m easily amused 🙂

I went ultra-light with my cooking set-up. I made an alcohol stove using, of all things, a cat food can! It may sound weird, but the stove boils water quickly, doesn’t require a pot stand, and weighs only 0.25 ounces! (I followed this tutorial to make mine.)


Boiling water for hot chocolate on the Super Cat stove.

backpacking13While hiking out on Sunday we stopped for a minute to take pictures at an old oil or gas pump house.





On the road home.

-The Farming Daughter

5 thoughts on “Backpacking Adventure

  1. Hi there Michaela, Great hearing from you! Great shots, I think Emily’s photo ability is wearing off on you. Really enjoyed this.
    Please tell me how Evie is doing. I saw a picture when Em was there, but would love an update. Love and Hugs
    Aunt Carole and Uncle Pooge.

  2. Great stuff! Thanks for the tip on the ultra-light stove. Would a tuna can work, as well? You know my feelings about cats.


    • Thank you Mr. Allan! A tuna can will work, but the designer of the Super Cat stove found that the humble can of Fancy Feast is the most fuel efficient. At least you have plenty of cats to feed the food to 😀

      -The Farming Daughter

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