Valentine Card Challenge

Valentine Card Challenge

Valentine’s Day may be over, but here’s a great way to show Christ’s love to others:

In Uganda, 1 in 6 children under the age of 17 is an orphan. At least 1,400 of these orphans live abandoned and neglected in orphanages/prisons.

Crista Moriah over at Uniquely Fashioned for His Glory has an ongoing Valentine Card Challenge to send cards and the message of God’s love to the imprisoned children of Uganda. You can partner with her by making a homemade card so that each child receives one.

See all the details and where to send your cards here.

To learn more about the imprisoned children of Uganda check out Sixty Feet Ministries.

Just to let you know, the blog says “by February 14th”, but Crista Moriah told me they’re still accepting cards.

Some of the cards that my family, and several groups from our church made:

Cards for Valentine Card Challenge


-The Farming Daughter

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