Evie Update

Just wanted to let you all know that Evie is doing really good today. She definitely is a strong fighter! My dad says she has “Evie-tude”! 🙂 Last night she was a naughty girl and pulled her feeding tube out. As long as she keeps eating this can actually be a good thing because that means she’s eating totally from a bottle or Mom! Here’s a couple pictures of Evie, completely “tube free” (no ventilator, cannula, IVs or feeding tube!!), and a picture collage that my aunt put together. If you would like to visit Evie’s Facebook page, just click on the link here.

Evie 4-5-13

Evie tube free!
Evie tube free!
Isn't she precious?! photo courtesy Aunt Bec
Isn’t she precious?!
photo courtesy Aunt Bec

picture courtesy of Aunt Abby
picture courtesy of Aunt Abby

3 thoughts on “Evie Update

  1. Oh, Michaela, how utterly incredible!! My family has prayed for little Evie as well – though I doubt you know exactly who I am. Maybe I should back up a little bit. I’m a friend of Emily’s, and she emailed me back when Evangelene was born and told me of her special issues. How exciting and glorious this is that she is doing so well! She is so precious–look at that smile! 🙂

    Lots o’ love to you and your family!

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