It’s Twins!!

For those of you whose heart just skipped a beat, thinking I was talking about my mom, I do apologize. Just so we’re clear, I DON’T mean my dear mother. Nope, I’m talking about my Jersey cow Ruby who just gave birth to twin heifers (girls)! Although my mom hasn’t delivered yet, she is in the hospital right now and we’re expecting a phone call soon!

Since Dad and Granny are with Mom, I’m holding the fort today. While I was making lunch my uncle sent me a text and told me that Ruby had calved (given birth). I asked if the baby was a boy or a girl and he said girls. I simply assumed that the plural girls was a typo, since it is very rare for cows to have more than one calf at a time. According to the University of Tennessee, there is a less than 1.3% chance a Jersey will give birth to twins. When Uncle Chuck texted me again, he asked if I wanted him to feed them. My heart raced a little at the word “them”, but I shrugged it off as meaning feed the  calf colostrum and Ruby some post-calving electrolytes (which is something we sometimes do if we think the cow needs it). When I asked him to clarify he said Ruby had given birth to twin girls! 

I am so excited about this double blessing! Here are some pictures of the little sweet hearts! I wonder what I should name them? Any suggestions?

Ruby's Twins
Ruby’s Twins
Ruby licking off Twin #1
Ruby licking off Twin #1
Twin #2
Twin #2

I promise to post pictures of Mom’s new baby as soon as she arrives!

6 thoughts on “It’s Twins!!

  1. Seriously, my heart DID just skip a beat! I thought your mom had twins for a second! haha! Those twin calves are adorable!! So, so, so cute! I’m praying for your mom! Can’t wait to see pictures!!!

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