Bury Me in My Boots

Bury me in my boots, yeah that’s the way it’s gonna be,

Cuz’ nothing on earth can take this farm girl life from me.

The days when life is boring are far between and few,

Nowhere else in the world is the sky so big and blue.

We are the land’s caretaker, with planting and harvesting sense,

That’s why the grass is always greener on our side of the fence.

The air is always sweeter with the wind blowing in my hair,

If there’s a more perfect place you’ll have to take me there.

Out here the trucks are bigger, the tractors always red,

No abode was ever dearer than the good old homestead.

We work out in the field putting dried hay into bales,

But employee of the month is the creature with the tail.

Whether climbing in the mow or playing in the mud,

No one ever understands how farming gets in your blood.

The eggs are always warm; the milk is always fresh,

A little piece of heaven if I had to guess.

Sure the days are long and the work and toil is rough,

But we’re farm born and raised and built of sterner stuff.

We can brave the ice and cold and take the heat and sun,

We do our labor of love until the job is done.

We aren’t afraid of slivers or measly paper cuts,

We can carry calves on our shoulders and pull tractors out of ruts.

But even when it’s hard and the push comes to the shove,

This is the life I choose, it is the one I love.

So bury me in my boots under a canopy of sky,

Because I will be a farm girl until the day I die.


September 5, 2012

(photo courtesy of Emily)
(photo courtesy of Emily)

By the way, not only was this post inspired by my love of farming, but also because my favorite pair of rubber boots that were actually cute blew a hole and started to leak. If anyone knows of cute rubber boots that are built for actual farm work (as apposed to just being a fashion statement) please let me know!

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