Wind Power: Ground Breaking

Well I’m finally posting about an important event here at the farm. We built a wind turbine! Since we live on such a high hill and are in direct line with Lake Erie we always have lots of wind. After doing research, wind power seemed like a great option to utilize all the wind we have, save money on our electricity bill, and be green at the same time!

The 50 kw turbine we put up is our own personal windmill (not like the humongous ones owned by power companies). It should offset about 80% of the electricity we use.

The actual building process took 6 months, but we’ve been planning the project for over 2 years. The ground breaking took place in December, when the footer that anchors the windmill to the ground had to be put in. An excavator dug the pit to hold the 3 legs of the windmill. A tractor trailor load of rebar and 8 cement trucks of cement were used for the footer!

A bleak December day to work on the turbine

The turbine footer in progress
Cleaning the rebar before pouring the concrete
We’re getting a windmill!

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