My Mother Will Never

Mom & Evie photo by Emily Ann
photo by Emily Ann

My mother will never fully know the importance of her words,

How each and every kindly phrase like armor ’round me girds.

No criticism can hurt me, no rumor stab my back,

With my mother’s uplifting praises no confidence I’ll lack.


My mother will never understand her gift of patient love,

How her sacrificial actions point to our God above.

She thinks no one sees her as she does her menial part,

But she doesn’t know she’s teaching me about a servant’s heart.


My mother will never be able to grasp the necessity of her prayers,

That all her heartfelt cries to God protect me from life’s snares,

That every single word and cry she utters for my sake

Will help keep me on the narrow path and from the fiery lake.


My mother will never clearly see the power of her teaching.

Because of her imparted knowledge for the stars I’ll keep on reaching.

Her wisdom is like rubies that I’ll treasure as a gift,

On the Rock of Truth she’s taught me my life won’t slip or shift.


My mother will never realize the aid of her correction,

When her firm but gentle reprimands showed me the right direction.

It may have felt like a battle to teach me right from wrong,

But now I follow Jesus’ truth instead of evil’s throng.


My mother will never appreciate the value of her life,

Or the comfort of her warm embrace amidst our fears and strife.

She always underestimates the great power that she wields,

That her smiles are like sweetest balm and her courage like a shield.


My mother will never receive the praise that is her rightful due.

For some reason we tend to overlook what is ever in our view.

But I’d like to say on behalf of myself, my sisters, and my brothers,

We would would never be who we are today if it wasn’t for our mother!


– Michaela A. Richmond

May 11, 2013


To the best mom in the world, Happy Mother’s Day! I ❤ u!