Happy 1st Birthday, Blog!

from pinterest
from pinterest

Today is my blog’s first birthday! Whether you’ve been around since I started blogging last February or you just found me today, thank you for following my corner of the blogosphere!

I was inspired to start this blog so I could talk about life on a farm, but also to share my passion for Civil War reenacting and books, among other things. This coming year I hope to blog a little more frequently and give you some really great posts about how cows are cared for on our farm. But I need your help! What would¬†you¬†like to hear me write about? Maybe you have a question about dairy farming, history or growing up in a family of nine soon to be ten. Leave a comment or shoot me an email with your suggestion, I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks again for following along, I hope to celebrate many more blog birthdays!


P.S. Thank you to everyone who is thinking of and praying for my mom! I know she really appreciates it. I promise to post pictures as soon as our bundle of joy arrives!