Public Presentations

To help improve your public speaking skills our county 4-H requires you¬†to give a “public presentation” each year. A public presentation is a demonstration, speech, illustrated talk, recitation, or dramatic interpretation that is from 5 to 15 minutes long. Two judges evaluate your talk, give you pointers on areas you could improve, and score your presentation. If you score well enough (within the top 15%) you can advance to district level presentations.

This year I chose to do an illustrated talk about “Getting Dressed in the 1860s”. My goal was to instruct about mid 19th century women’s clothing, dispel some myths about corsets and cage crinolines (“hoop skirts”), and have an excuse to dress up in my Civil War garb ūüôā . I told about the “ideal silhouette” of the 1860s, explained how the¬†underclothing helped build the proper foundation, and talked about my dress. I actually started out my presentation in my base layers of undergarments and added the other pieces as I explained their purpose.

Today Addie, Marcus, and I participated in the district level presentations. Since this is my last year in 4-H (next year I’ll be too old) I was really excited to do well enough to¬†go on to state! Marcus impressed everyone with his computer savvy (his presentation was “Computer Parts”) and Addie is also going to state with her recitation of¬†The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke!

Here are some pictures from county presentations. I have to send a *big* thank you to my friend Allison for helping me to finish my new corset in time.

County Presentation 2014 a

County Presentation 2014 c

County Presentation 2014 b

County Presentation 2014 d

I didn’t get any photos at district, but afterwards Addie kindly snapped a few quick pics of the new Civil War coat I sewed called a “paletot”. It’s actually Addie’s¬†but she let me borrow it for today since mine’s not done yet. Mine will be the same pattern and fabric, I’m just going to make the sleeves longer. We also have to decide what color we want to trim them in. Any suggestions? As you can tell from the pictures it was quite windy out!

New paletot 1





-The Farming Daughter


Pigs in a Blanket

New Pigs

Yesterday we picked up our new 4-H pigs! Every year I raise a pig for the 4-H auction, plus one for my family’s freezer. The pigs are about two month old right now and are housed in a special pen we built for them. In the picture I posted they are snuggling in a little hutch we made, equipped with a heat lamp, so that they will stay warm.¬† When the weather gets better we will set up their outside pen.

We are raising four pigs this year. The extra two in the picture belong to a friend who has to finish his pig pen before taking them home. The red pigs are a special breed called Spot Rocs (short for Spotted Durocs). My pig is one of the pink pigs (called a Yorkshire) and the black one is a Hampshire.

I have found many benefits to raising my own pig. Since I grow the pork my family eats I know that the meat came from a healthy animal. Local businesses benefit from the advertising they recieve when they purchase a pig at our 4-H auction. Also, the pigs I raise are kept comfortable and are humanely treated.